Permaculture Chat – Mar 2013


By Shirley James, PCC Secretary

What an inspiring talk we had at the last meeting!  It was hard to believe what a difference we saw in the African fishing village after Permaculture methods had been introduced.  WeIl it gives a very clear picture of what is meant by “from tiny acorns giant oak trees grow”.


Maree and Pauline went to a workshop on Bees and both came home proud owners of a hive of wild bees.  If you are at the next Information Night you might like to chat to them about these wonderful little creatures which do not sting but they pollinate your plants. Maybe you would like them at your place and I’m sure Maree and Pauline will be only too happy to tell you about their latest pets.

Speaking of the next Information Night Tuesday 18th March, Michael Neville will be talking about Waste Management and Sustainability. Considering how much waste we manage to produce in this day and age it should be interesting to hear his views on what is happening and how Permaculture can be involved. Robyn certainly has some wonderful ideas of turning waste into something useful and we all know the value of old bathtubs for wicking beds but it will be great to hear someone giving us a broader view of waste. Kerrie is doing a good job of finding speakers for us— hope she can keep up the good work.

We all congratulate and appreciate Lynne stepping up and being in charge of Kitchen duties. Now we won’t have any more episodes of having no milk or coffee!!!  However don’t forget to offer your help because it makes a difference when you have a happy, helpful, chatty group doing the washing up .  It is great when people bring in a plate of food to share so if you possibly can do this it makes the convivial supper time conversation even more pleasant and this is the time when we can all share ideas and seek knowledge from others or just have a pleasant chat about anything at all.

Jennifer said she used to have a problem with fruit fly but now she doesn’t. Of course we all wanted to know what magic she had used.  She told us that she had done nothing different but now she makes sure that every piece of fallen fruit is collected, wrapped and put in the garbage (not the compost). Sounds simple and it’s worked for her.                                                                                             

Hope to see you all on 18th March.