Permaculture teachers living on an established permaculture acreage of their own design on the NSW Central Coast for over 26 years

Meg McGowan and Graham King teach permaculture in the alternative economy, exchanging help in their garden for learning instead of charging money. Their goal is to make permaculture more accessible, particularly to those without the financial means to do one of the great local paid permaculture courses. Courses offered include an introductory level "design fundamentals" and a full Permaculture Design Course offered on a part time basis. They also host workshops on various permaculture-related topics throughout the year.

Meg and Graham developed a trade-marked service known as "Permacoach" where they provide coaching on your own property to help you design and implement your own permaculture system.

They offer tours of their three and a half acre property and Matcham and use it as the training facility for their popular permaculture courses.

Meg also has a popular Facebook page, Instagram feed and Wordpress blog, "Smarter Than Crows", where she shares her thoughts on all things permaculture related as part of her commitment to Fair Share.

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Matcham NSW: Home address is provided to students after enrolment
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