New PCC President

Clara in front of big flowers

My name is Clara. For the last year and a half I was your secretary and occasional mushroom talk lady and I have stepped into very big shoes to try and fill the presidential vacancy for PCC. I work full-time at Gosford Hospital, however, I will try and do my best to help continue Meg’s amazing work she has been a fantastic mentor and friend and has always inspired me to do more. I am passionate about Permaculture, Animals, and the Environment. As a Medical Scientist, I also have an interest in creating a happier healthier Central Coast and ultimately less work for myself and my colleagues in the hospital.

I have a Facebook page called Claras Urban Mini Farm where you can see a bit more about me and my mushrooms, chickens, bees, quails, and bunnies.

Please reach out to me at or at the front with the badges when you come to gatherings! A massive thank you to everyone else who has put their hand up to volunteer or contribute in any way to a fantastic group. We’ve had a difficult few years and with more uncertainty to come, I’m so happy to see us all pull together and support each other. In 2019 I walked into a hall in Tuggerah to learn about saving a few seeds and now I feel like I have gained a whole ecosystem of friendships and knowledge. Hope to see you all soon!

PCC Dream Team

  • President – Clara Peto
  • Vice President – VACANT (Provide support to the president and assume that role when the president is absent or steps down).
  • Treasurer – Graham King
  • Public Officer – Graham King
  • Secretary – Yvonne Nussbaumer
  • Member Representative – Thea Kramer-Woodbridge
  • Membership Officer – Matt Browett
  • Gathering Venue Coordinator – Belinda Buck, Stephen Buck
  • Gathering Presenter Coordinator – Belinda Buck, Stephen Buck
  • Gathering Welcome Team – Kath Combes, Linda Payne, Carin Clegg, Yuki Itoh
  • Tech Wizard – Ty Batterham, Brett Jones
  • Seed Bank Manager – Kath Combes, Frank Gomez, Jen Jones
  • Raffle Coordinator – Belinda Buck, Yuki Itoh
  • Regional Event Coordinator – Lisa Ford + (A SECOND PERSON to assist with this role is now needed).
  • Web Designer and IT – Jean Werk, Matt Cole
  • Newsletter Coordinator – Thea Kramer-Woodbridge
  • Facebook/ Zoom/ Media Coordinator – Meg McGowan
  • Craft Teas – Pauline Clark (NOTE: Pauline is happy to advise others on how she runs the existing group and PCC would be happy to have multiple craft groups across the region).
  • Pop-Up Displays – Carin Clegg, Kerrie Anderson, Ty Batterham
  • Permablitz Coordination Tea – Rhonda Toope, Ty Batterham
  • Instagram Influencer – VACANT
  • Edible Garden Trail Coordination Team – Sandi Eyles, Anna Trigg, Megan Tattersall

Is there something else you would like PCC to do? As long as it helps to get more permaculture happening on the ground, we’re interested. All that’s needed is someone with the time and commitment to make it happen.

Thanks to everyone who has stepped up!!