Permaculture Central Coast

We are an enthusiastic group of volunteers that work together to encourage more people on the NSW Central Coast to learn, practice and teach permaculture.

We want to inspire people everywhere to get more permaculture happening on the ground.

What is permaculture

Meg McGowan defines Permaculture as an ethically based design pattern for creating integrated systems that rebuild ecological health while providing for the needs of people and all other life.

Alternatively, see What Permaculture isn’t.


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What permaculture isn’t

It’s an exciting time for permaculture. More and more people are discovering this endlessly useful, ethically based design pattern. We live in a time when creating and evolving systems that increase ecological health is suddenly becoming a priority, and something that allows us to combine that with providing for human needs seems like a bit of a dream...

Meg and Graham wearing permaculture t-shirts

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Group photo by Leisa Cox