Permaculture Central Coast

We are an enthusiastic group of volunteers that work together to encourage more people on the NSW Central Coast to learn, practice and teach permaculture.

We want to inspire people everywhere to get more permaculture happening on the ground.

What is permaculture

Meg McGowan defines Permaculture as an ethically based design pattern for creating integrated systems that rebuild ecological health while providing for the needs of people and all other life.

Alternatively, see What Permaculture isn’t.

Latest news


Meg’s Monthly Musings – Sep 2023

Bill Mollison believed that it wasn't the number of things in a system that mattered, but the relationships between them. In a garden this means applying the principle of "relative location" and grouping things together based upon their use, energy requirements and...

Megs fenced garden

Permaculture Central Coast Seed Bank

Seed saving is a fun and easy way to back up food security for your family as well as providing them with fresh, organic produce. Many new members to our group are surprised when they find out that access to our seed bank is free for members. The only obligation...

Origami seed packets, labelled with the date stored and the suburb they were grown

Wicking Bed Gardens

Wicking Bed Gardens are self-contained, raised garden beds that have a built in water reservoir at the bottom. They are like a giant self-watering pot, making them incredibly water efficient and low maintenance.

Close-up of a wicking garden bed showing the inlet and the outlet. Photo credit: Sandi Eyles

Upcoming events


Seventh-day Adventist Church Hall


Seventh-day Adventist Church Hall


Seventh-day Adventist Church Hall

Group photo by Leisa Cox