About us

Who are we?

Permaculture Central Coast is an enthusiastic group of volunteers that work together to encourage more people on the NSW Central Coast to learn, practice and teach permaculture.

We want to inspire people everywhere to get more permaculture happening on the ground.

Everything we do is guided by the three core ethics of permaculture:
Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share


What do we do?

PCC hosts a range of permaculture activities throughout the year. We also support and promote the permaculture-related activities of other organisations and businesses.

We hold a outdoor gatherings on the third Sunday of the month in permaculture-friendly outdoor venues on the Central Coast.

Our gatherings include an opportunity for members to share anything that is surplus to their needs, including books, magazines and plants.

Our seed bank helps us to build local resilience and provides free, locally sourced seed to members in exchange for them growing and returning some seed to the bank.

A raffle of goods donated by members is held at each gathering and members are also welcome to sell permaculture-related products.

The PCC Craft Teas meet weekly at different locations to share tea, company and ethical crafting with an emphasis on upcycled and recycled materials.

We also host permaculture events across the Central Coast, including workshops, training, garden tours and get togethers. Our ‘Permablitz’ team meet at a different member’s property each month to help them implement their permaculture plan.

Connect with via our Facebook group, Instagram page and YouTube channel. These platforms are popular online forums for sharing events, information and advice. We also like to connect with well-known permaculture people from around Australia and share their wisdom via Zoom.

Our members work individually and collectively to reduce our ecological footprint. We share knowledge, skills, resources and support with each other. Our organisation relies entirely upon the efforts, skills and commitment of volunteers and all members are valued for their unique contributions and skills.

Membership is only $20 per year, or $30 for the whole family.


Where do we do it?

We meet in outdoor venues such as Community Gardens. Check our Events to find where the next meeting will happen.


When do we do it?

PCC meets on the first Sunday of the month (February to November) from 2pm to 4pm during Eastern Standard Time, and from 3pm to 5pm during Daylight Saving Time.


Who runs the organisation?

PCC is managed by a Committee elected each year. Volunteers are welcome to join at any time.


How do you find out more?

If you want to find out more, get involved, find out where to start or what to do, learn more, or just want to meet like minded people, come along to one of our regular gatherings. If you like what you see, you may wish to join as a member.