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Mindfulness in Permaculture

Kerrie Anderson talks about her work guiding others in their Permaculture adventures. She talks about the core of Permaculture being its ethics. And the power of mindfulness in everything we do.

Smiling blonde lady wearing a green apron and holding a box of nasturtium leaves

Permablitz in Practice: Host Learnings

Matt and Lyndal's permablitz was an inspiring day, with lots to do across a range of projects. Matt's posts on social media pre and post-blitz were so uplifiting we just had to get Matt to share his learnings from the day.

Volunteer standing next to an activity poster for a vegetation corridor

Lunch from the Garden at Eagle Ridge

When Costa visited Eagle Ridge Permaculture for a tour as part of promoting the Central Coast Edible Garden Trail, amongst the joyful photos, Thea spotted something delicious and knew we had to ask Sandi for the recipe(s)

3 dishes on a table: Pumpkin & Warrigal Frittata, Garden Salad, Chia Pudding