Moving from ‘me’ to ‘we’: A conversation with Rowe Morrow

Rowe Morrow talking on mic

Date(s) - 14/05/2021
10:00 am - 11:00 am


Rosemary (Rowe) Morrow is best known to many as the author of one of the world’s most popular permaculture books, The Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture. While her background was in environmental science, it was permaculture that captured her interest back in the 1970’s. Rowe trained with Bill Mollison and they remained friends until his death. She has taught permaculture and trained others to teach it in some of the harshest circumstances imaginable, including staging camps and refugee camps. Known as much for her human rights advocacy as she is for her dedication to permaculture, Rowe will join our president, Meg McGowan, for a wide ranging chat about where permaculture is heading, and how we need to move beyond individualism to community.


Friday, 14th May at 10am


Online on Zoom.

As number are limited for our Zoom online meetings, only PCC members will be able to attend this live event. But you can join now for as little at $20.

The link to the Zoom meeting will be sent by email to all PCC members.

The meeting recording will be posted later.