Information Evening – Water, Salt and Coal Seam Gas

Date(s) - 17/03/2015
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Tuggerah Hall


Guest Speaker: Ian Sutton

Ian Sutton will be doing a simple presentation on landscape hydrology and will explain in simple terms how coal seams running through a sedimentary rock strata, such as sandstone, as with the Central Coast, or limestone, are infact part of the aquifer system and serve as biological/carbon filters interacting with water moving through the rock aquifers. He will also demonstrate how you can not depressurise a coal seam without impacting on the entire underground water system and mobilise massive amounts of salt that can then infiltrate and contaminate the aquifers. 

Ian will also discuss the economic, social and environmental impacts of Coal seam gas mining.

Community Worker and environmentalist Ian Sutton has been living and working on the NSW Central Coast for the past 17 years. He is well known in the area for his social work with the disengaged, motivating and mobilising those individuals and communities to stand up and help themselves. He has also spent many years working with Aboriginal communities, learning the indigenous perspective of ecology and learning their sustainable land management practices, and has worked with Peter Andrews, the ground-breaking founder of Natural Sequence Farming.

Ian’s career has seen him working closely with the welfare industry, as well as the government departments responsible for Education, Juvenile Justice and Housing. He has been regularly recognised for his work in developing, co-ordinating and supervising some of their most successful programs. Local police have also engaged with Ian on some of his larger projects, recognising his ability to identify and improve factors that cause anti-social behaviour in some of our most disadvantaged communities. 

As well as building community spirit, his programs connect people to their local environments, transforming degraded urban areas into natural gardens – areas that become the central focus and meeting places for the people. A qualified Greenkeeper, Horticulturalist, Laboratory Technician and Environmental Technologist, his Storm Water Catchment & Filtration program based at the Frank Baxter Juvenile Justice Centre was awarded “Chief Executive Excellence Award” in NSW, and his Urban Food Forest and Community Park project was given the Catchment Management Authority’s (CMA) Catchment Champions Award for innovation.

Ian is also founder and president of Equilibrium Future Solutions, a not for profit organisation focused on demonstrating viable solutions for a sustainable future. As well, he has been Campaign leader for a peaceful protection camp at Calga since December 2014. Camp Quoll was set up to ensure both governments and corporations understand that communities no longer accept only legal pathways when dealing with a dysfunctional and corrupt political and legal system.



Tuesday, 17th March, 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start


Tuggerah Hall, Anzac Road, Tuggerah, directly opposite Hungry Jacks – within easy walking distance of Tuggerah Railway Station.