Karen’s Holgate Permablitz

Flowers in front of a house

Date(s) - 15/06/2024
9:00 am - 3:00 pm



Join Us for Karen’s Permablitz in Holgate!
Event Details:
Get ready for a transformative day at Karen’s beautiful property in Holgate! Nestled in this serene valley, Karen’s small acreage is a canvas ready for a permaculture makeover. We’re seeking volunteers of all skill levels to help bring Karen’s permaculture dreams to life. There will be a variety of tasks suited to different abilities, ensuring everyone can contribute meaningfully.
Work Zones and Outcomes:
🌳 Eucalyptus Garden Transformation: Experience the satisfaction of transforming an overgrown garden into a well-defined, mulched haven. Learn how to create natural garden borders using on-site materials and establish ponds to support local wildlife and enhance garden aesthetics.
🪵 Driveway Border Revitalisation: Contribute to the creation of a thriving Hügelkultur bed by learning the chop-and-drop method. This sustainable gardening technique helps build soil fertility and structure while planting new shrubs and trees along the fence line to improve biodiversity and landscape beauty.
🥦 Overgrown Bed Restoration: Gain hands-on experience in intensive garden bed management by clearing and pruning overgrown plants. Learn how to rejuvenate garden beds, promote healthy plant growth, and uncover hidden pathways to enhance garden accessibility and visual appeal.
💦 Tank Garden Enhancement: Discover the techniques for managing and maintaining garden beds by removing or trimming Lomandra and weeding efficiently. This zone will demonstrate practical approaches to bed tidying that promote plant health and garden cleanliness.
🌸 Pool Area Garden Makeover: Learn effective methods for dealing with invasive species like Pennywort and understand the importance of mulching and soil preparation. This project will transform the poolside garden into a clean and aesthetically pleasing area, ready for replanting and beautification.
⛲️ Heavy Lifting and Relocation Projects: Participate in a collaborative effort to relocate garden structures such as the cubby house, swing seat, and bath tub. This task will highlight the importance of strategic garden planning and the physical aspects of permaculture design implementation.
Karen’s property features diverse zones that offer something for everyone, from taming lush gardens under towering eucalypts to enhancing garden beds around the house and pool area. Each zone has been thoughtfully planned to maximise productivity and aesthetics, creating a sustainable and beautiful permaculture landscape.
9:00 AM: Introduction and Acknowledgement of Country
11:30 AM – 12:00 PM: Morning Tea
2:00 PM: Lunch and clean up
Karen will provide morning tea and lunch. Please inform us of any dietary requirements when you register.
Join us for a day of fun, learning, and community spirit. Your efforts will help create a thriving permaculture garden in Holgate. We look forward to seeing you there!
The event is free but you must be a member of Permaculture Central Coast to attend. Register here: 


If you are not already a member you can join at a cost of $20/year a single or $30/year a family here: