Permablitz news – Aug 2022

Volunteers of all ages working in the Bateau Bay community garden

Mini blitz

After a very successful blitz at Bateau Bay Community Garden we came away with five new members to the Permablitz Team. To celebrate we are having a mini blitz followed by a meeting with just the team on the 27th of September. This day will be used to introduce each other and to work out a plan for our future blitz’s and the roles we will all play within the team. If you want to be part of the team and also attend please send me an email at

You can also use this email address if you have any questions about having a blitz at your place. The criteria for hosting is that you are a PCC member and you have attended at least 2 blitz’s (unless there are extenuating circumstances). You need to have done or had done a Permaculture plan of the property in question that you are wanting us to assist you to implement in part or full. You supply all the equipment to get the task done and we provide the labour. You are welcome to ask PCC members for loans or donations of equipment or resources such as compost, cardboard, paper or tools. You supply the lunch on the day to meet the dietary needs of the group attending on the day.

Next Permablitz in Kincumber

Our next blitz for the team and all the PCC volunteers is on the 24th of October at Kincumber. The recipient is a beautiful member who has been a volunteer at many of our other blitz’s. She was booked to have a blitz at her home early in the year but illness prevented it. We are now on track for a great day. I am passionate about supporting this lady in making her home the one she has dreamed of. This member uses herbs for food and medicine and has a great design for us to implement to assist her in having a thriving food garden. I will be advertising this blitz on Sunday the 28th of August on the Humanitix website.

Tickets are free and a great lunch will be provided by the host.

Volunteer Day

October is also booked for a Volunteer Day at Wanda’s house in North Gosford. We do not have a fixed date at this stage but a we will be booking in a revamp of a blitz we did 18 months ago. Wanda wants to open up her garden to the community and she is aiming to be part of the edible garden trail in November. She will need our support to get her there as she is physically unable to meet the needs of the garden at this time.

Please consider joining us as a team member or a volunteer. We are all learners here and you will take away and impart new knowledge at each event. You will make great friendships and you will eat great food.

We so want you on the team even if it is only for one day.

Words and images by Rhonda Thoope