Information Evenings

Information Evenings are held at Tuggerah Hall, Anzac Avenue, Tuggerah, NSW from Feb to Nov each year. These meetings are planned each year by our Event’s Coordinator.

Before the Information Evening, we also get together at 4pm behind the Tuggerah Hall to work and socialise in our community garden (THEDIG).

Monthly Activities

In addition to the Monthly Information Evenings, members can meet and share their skills and knowledge at monthly activities, usually held the Saturday or Sunday following the Information Evening. These activities are organised by the PCC Activities Coordinator, and most of them are kids-friendly and free.  They are great way to build a strong, supportive and resilient community – Join us to any of them and learn how to apply permaculture into your life, garden, job, etc!

  • WORKSHOPS – Skills sharing
  • SEASONAL GATHERING – Celebrating the change of seasons, gardening tips
  • PERMACULTURE EDUCATION – Permaculture Principles Explained

Special Interest Groups

Permaculture can be practiced by anyone in the community, and as such, different people have different interests, likes, dislikes, skills and abilities. To help engender a spirit of cooperation and inclusion, PCC is keen to ensure that your membership provides opportunity for you to get involved at a practical level. To this end, special interest groups can be formed where members see a need for such a group, or where there is enough interest in establishing such a group. At the moment we have a Craft Group (Crafties) and a Shows Team. Chat to a committee member if you would like to join or even start a group, as long as it is permaculture related.

Craft Group making bread:

The PCC stand at the Gosford Show:

The Garden Team during a working bee:

Member-organised Events

Any PCC Member can request to have their own event promoted by PCC and covered by our insurance, as long as you follow our guidelines.